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QuarantWine Kits are Here + Delivery + Case Sale!

Now is the time to stock up! Not only are we offering delivery of wine, beer AND spirits, but we've also got QuarantWine Kits available for pick up or delivery (to Hancock, Marion & Hamilton counties).

We know going to the wine store or liquor store...or any extremely difficult amid the COVID-19 threat. To alleviate some of the shopping woes, we wanted to offer an essentials kit featuring your choice of two red or white wines, 2 rolls of toilet paper (that's right...the ever-so-coveted product of 2020....toilet paper!!) and chocolate all of $50!

As if those essentials aren't good enough...we're also offering wine slushie add ons to the QuarantWine kit for $20!! Everyone's favorite wine slushies from Daniel's Vineyard are now being offered for pick up or delivery with your QuarantWine Kit!

Looking to stock up? We've got the best deal for you! We are now offering 33% off case purchases for pick up orders!

....and don't forget we're offering delivery to Hancock, Marion & Hamilton counties!

Stay healthy and safe! We love our Daniel's Vineyard community!

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