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Outdoor Weddings - Worth the Stress?

Wedding Wednesday, Jan 16th, 2019

We’ve all seen the pictures: those trendy, bohemian, carefree, beautiful and Pinterest-worthy pictures of outdoor wedding ceremonies in the most unimaginably perfect not-too-hot, but certainly not cold, weather. You are probably asking yourself “how in the heck did they know the weather would be perfect!?” The answer to that question is…. they didn’t know! It’s impossible to know if your weather will be perfect on your wedding day - and for some couples, this stress is enough to completely scratch any idea of hosting an outdoor wedding. Understandable? Yes. Different for every couple? Yes! Our wedding gurus have come together and given a few pieces of advice for deciding whether or not an outdoor wedding is right for your wedding.

Working with the Right Vendors:

If you are going to have an outdoor wedding, you have to immediately release all material expectations and put full trust in your vendors! We don’t want rain or extreme weather on your wedding day just about as much as you don’t want it (possibly more - lots of last minute stress!) so having vendors that you trust makes everything easier. For example, a bride and groom were concerned about guests being hot during their outdoor ceremony in the middle of July but didn’t want to go to extreme lengths at the last minute (which can become quite costly!). Their solution was to line the ceremony rows with white umbrellas to block the sun and keep their guests cool - and the result was breathtaking! See the picture below.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff:

Unless your outdoor wedding is taking place during an historically dry month/season, it’s pretty difficult to remain calm when thinking about the concerns of weather. The best piece of advice is to stop, take a few deep breaths, and remember that mother nature is mother nature! Whatever Mother Nature brings your way on your wedding day does not change the fact that it is still your wedding day. Until it’s possible to see the weather expectations, don’t freak out or worry! Let yourself enjoy the process (and come up with a great back up plan!). Our go to back up plan is to have a cabaret style ceremony in the same room as the reception, with immediate family seated in rows, traditional style, and the remaining guests seated at the dinner tables. Most people immediately say "NO WAY!" but we have seen it done so beautifully that you may give cabaret style a second thought. See the picture below*

*while cabaret style ceremonies traditionally only have the immediate family seated in rows, this client planned ahead with our team to arrange additional labor for an entire room flip!

Of course, everyone’s wedding is different and it’s special to you for your very own reasons (as it should be!). But with a level head and great vendors, your wedding day will RIVAL anything Mother Nature can make happen! :-)

Keep checking the blog for more fun updates - we'll be back next Wednesday for an update after this Sunday's PWG wedding show!

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