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Rain on your Big Day?

What is the one thing you hope does not happen on your wedding day? Maybe it’s a fear that people will not dance at your reception or that this family member does not cause a tiff with this family member. Well for some, it’s rain! Just picture it, your outdoor ceremony is all set up and picture perfect, you’re inside getting final touches done, and it just starts pouring. A gut wrenching downpour. What do you do? I can only imagine your answer is something along the lines of panic but that’s where we come in. Let’s turn those anxieties of an outdoor wedding into something memorable for all.

We’re here to shed some light (ha, get it?) on what to do if it rains on your big day. You know, rain on your wedding day is said to be a blessing. Some believe that it brings good to the marriage, such as: fertility, unity, and cleansing. And while we’re looking at the positives of rain, can we just talk about how stunning the photos can be? So romantic and dreamy!

Okay, let me get to the point of this post, what to do if it rains on your wedding day! Obviously, you cannot control the weather so if it happens, all you can do is embrace it. Everyone constantly checks the weather forecast, days even weeks leading up to the wedding day, so if it’s looking like there is even a small chance of rain then maybe consider a big tent, or patio umbrellas. We’ve hosted a few outdoor weddings with the potential of rain and let me just say, we are in love with how their photos turned out and how unique a tent or umbrellas made it.

Another idea is to bring an outfit change. Yes, I know this is not realistic and is another expense but it does not have to be! And remember, it’s just a backup plan if your dress gets wet! On that note, a change of shoes would not be a bad idea either. If you’re like me, the heels came off as soon as the dancing began.

We definitely recommend asking your venue about what their backup plan is in this situation. At Daniel’s Vineyard, we offer indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception spaces. We are always fully prepared if we run into inclement weather. There are a couple of options here; book the Lower Banquet

room for a backup indoor ceremony or we’ll do a cabaret style wedding in the Upper Ballroom. If you are fortunate to have your ceremony outdoors and have the Lower Banquet room booked, we might suggest using that as your cocktail hour. It gives your guest a full experience and allows your guests to be up and moving and mingling before the reception begins.

All in all, just remember that there are things you cannot control and rain is definitely one of them. Just as there are things in life that you cannot control, the best thing you can do is try to stay positive and embrace it. Just have fun and don’t sweat the small stuff.

“For just a moment in time, we were just a boy and a girl, running and laughing in the rain on our wedding day.” -Mia Sheridan

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Gungfu G. Superme
Gungfu G. Superme
27 okt. 2022

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