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Bridal Suite - Why We Love It So Much

The Bridal Suite

Wedding Wednesday - 1/23/2018

When we were building what is now Daniel’s Vineyard, we took a lot of time and consideration in selecting every single light fixture, counter top, door handle, faucet knob and mirror. With our amazing team of fierce warriors, we knew we would be able to create a space that made anyone feel special - the Bridal Suite!

Our bridal suite is located right off of the Upper Banquet Facility, giving the wedding party easy access to the space. While the Broadway-style vanity mirror and counter really take the cake for most, we have a ton of incredible features in this small room: a wet bar with a mini-fridge, a private bathroom with ample space for two people (sometimes the dress needs a hand!), the biggest mirror you’ve ever seen (again, sometimes the dress needs a little help - a wide mirror works wonders!), countertops with sparkles in the stone, natural light, beautiful ghost chairs for the bridal party, two dress hooks with one elevated higher so that even the longest of trains are lifted off the floor and even lush velvet tufted ottomans for a cherry on top of the elegance :-)

Some of the best times of the wedding day take place in the bridal suite. It’s the last place most brides spend time before they walk down the aisle!

We hope you love our bridal suite as much as we do!

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