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Which airlines allow ESAs? - 2022 Guide

Emotional support animals are those particular animals which people suffering from psychological issues keep for health benefits. According to the federal laws of the United States of America, certain distinguished rights are given to the owners of ESA whereby they are entitled to keep their animals with themselves during fights, and they are also allowed to keep the animals in residential apartments. As per the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), the Airlines needed to provide free flight access to the emotional support animal letter. This law benefitted hundreds of thousands of people who keep ESA animals. The law provided ease to the people who suffered from certain psychological problems and who were permitted to keep the animals with themselves for peace and satisfaction. The law is still there but its significance has greatly transformed.

In the latest legal development, the US department of transportation (DOT) has nulled these mandatory services from the Airlines. It now depends upon the Airline that either they would provide access to ESA or not. The decision has greatly influenced those people who own emotional support animals. From now on, it looks unlikely for those people to fly freely with their animals. However, certain Airlines provide free access on a voluntary basis for the goodwill gesture of customer care. If you possess an ESA animal, there is still hope for you, but you need to confirm and go through certain procedures before you take your animals with you.

The major reason behind the amendment of the law could be the underlying cost that the Airlines were bearing by providing these free services. For instance, the previous year has witnessed a great decline in international travel due to the pandemic. The decline has negatively affected the aviation industry. Many national and international airlines are trying to cope with the situation by taking retrospective measures. Therefore, the department of trade has made it easy for Airlines to mitigate the problems by restricting certain free services. There is a hope that the airline would resume its services in the future once the industry has overcome the recession.

Amidst these new developments, there are certain Airlines that are voluntarily providing free ESA access. For instance, Volaris is an Airline that accepts the ESA letter to provide free access to the emotional support animals. However, the owner of ESA has to follow a certain procedure. If you want to travel with your emotional support animal, you need to fill a form and submit it to the Airline 48 hours before the flight. Doing so would allow the Airline enough time to evaluate your request. After the introspection of your ESA Letter the Airline would either provide you free access or not. Therefore, you should contact the Airline 48 hours before your flight.

WestJet is another airline that also provides free access to ESAs, but there are certain distinctions. It only permits you to keep your ESA dog with you. Otherwise, it does not permit other ESA animals like cats, rabbits, pigs, and so on. If you are interested to travel through WestJet, keep in mind, you can only take your esa dog with you. Therefore, WestJet is the appropriate airline for people who keep emotional support dogs because it voluntarily provides the services as a goodwill gesture to facilitate the customers.

Likewise, there are other Airlines such as, Latam Airlines, Air France, Asian Air, Lufthansa that provide free access to ESA animals in flights from the United States. Other Airlines like China Airlines, KLM, Singapore Air provide free access to only emotional support dogs. You should check the details before you opt for any Airline because different Airlines provide free ESA services to different animals. Moreover, some Airlines provide free access to ESA in specific flights instead of every flight. Although the decision of the department of trade has posed a great challenge for ESA owners, hope is still there. On the other hand, esa letter for housing still carries its full worth and provides certain privileges to the ESA owner when it comes to the residential perks.

Many other airlines such as Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Jet Blue, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines, to name a few, have banned free access to ESA animals. Given the DOT's decision, these Airlines no more provide free services, and they are not ready to bear the extra expenses. You should remember the names before opting for a ticket because these Airlines would not let you fly with your ESA animal. There are other options, or you can pay extra money for it if you insist to travel through these Airlines. Remember, you are no more allowed to claim free access for your ESA after the decision of DOT.

Concludingly, the decision of the department of trade (DOT) is a great setback to the federal Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). The federal law no more carries binding or mandatory weightage for the Airlines to provide free ESA access. Whatever the reason behind the decision, but it has created great difficulties for those people who used to take their animals with them on board.

The positive aspect is that there are certain Airlines that still provide free access to ESA on a voluntary basis. You should look for those Airlines if you are intending to take your ESA with you onboard. Remember, you should contact the Airlines 48 hours before your flight and must comply with the procedural mechanisms. For more information regarding an esa letter, visit

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