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Recovery of Share Process

Prior to the introduction of dematerialized trading, securities were distributed in the form of paper certificates. Because these security certificates are in physical form, there is a high risk of them being ripped, misplaced, or lost. There have been cases where the individual in whose name the shares were registered died and the heirs were unable to recover the sum. According to some estimates, over eighteen thousand crores in unclaimed shares and twenty-three hundred crores in unclaimed dividends have been deposited to the IEPF.

Taking notice of such unclaimed shares that have been transferred to the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF), the government established a system by which the aforementioned investors can recover their investments back from the IEPF, together with dividends and bonus shares.

With millions of crores of rupees languishing unclaimed in the IEPF fund of the rightful owners, the IEPF must make genuine efforts to raise awareness about the shareholders' rights, and it is the shareholders' responsibility to seek expert assistance in claiming their rightful holdings.

Steps for recovery of share as given below:

Step 1: Finalisation of Transmission Process from Company to Claimant

Step 2: Claimant to Authority

Step 3: Claimant to Company

Step 4: Company to Authority

Step 5: Authority to Claimant

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