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But it won't do everything. For a computer-aided 3D design tool, the software's limited features and the time-consuming learning curve may put off most art students, or even those eager for the ability to go from art to part more easily. But if you've ever wanted to make a life-size car or doll, with a fancy wheeled base, that you can paint, do all the accessories in a box, and, if you're willing to shell out for it, sell, you need to learn some art. (You also need some skill. Can a jury grade the quality of a car artist's work after they've seen the finished product? No.) First look: New features and workflow improvements One of the first things you'll see about Mastercam Art is that it's updated from version 2.3 to version 2.5. (But don't worry: The older version will be supported for the next two years.) The update includes new features, and improvements in several areas, including workflow, artist-mode capabilities, hardware support, and performance. We can't explain everything in this preview article, but we can explain the basic workflow and the new features. The basic workflow in version 2.5 is the same as it has been since the first version in 2002, but it's been optimized. For example, you can now see the thickness of the various parts of an object as it moves around the workspace. Click on one of these panels and it expands to show you the part's individual layers. You can also now see the transparency of the layers as a preview of what the final appearance will be. Version 2.5 of Mastercam Art has a new feature called Artist Mode that lets you create and work on multiple objects at once. One of the new features is that the software now runs in 32-bit color on Windows XP and above, making it possible to use the same 32-bit color space in realtime view, which is how you'll probably use this software most of the time. Another new feature is a tool called the Pinstripe, which is a similar alternative to the Pinstripes that are available in most 3D-modeling packages. Pinstripe helps you draw lines, draw 3D profiles, do quick mass edits (such as "copy and paste"), or create and modify boudoir clothing for clothing sculpts. Version 2.5 also introduces more features for working




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