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10 most ESA pet-friendly airlines - 2022 Guide

Life can often posit challenging circumstances that require great effort to overcome. For some people, such as suffering from mental health problems, overcoming these challenges can be especially difficult. Because such people are already dealing with their psychological issues, these additional challenges posited by certain circumstances can induce anxiety, depression, and other similar challenges. Well, let’s come to the point! Considering the fact that different airlines have different policies regarding pets that are allowed on the plane, during the flight, you should prefer those airlines that already have pet-friendly policies. It is advised that you always ask for the airline policy regarding your emotional support animal a few days before boarding the flight. This would timely inform you regarding any additional required documents besides the ESA letter or other instructions that might be relevant during the flight. To help make your flight with your emotional support animal more convenient, below are ten airlines that have the most pet-friendly flight policies.

In such circumstances, having an emotional support animal can often reduce the psychological baggage and problems, and make the process of overcoming these challenges a little easier. When you have an emotional support animal that shows you its unconditional love and affection, despite the challenges that you are facing, you get the confidence and support that you require to overcome these challenges. Moreover, you develop the skill set and the confidence to overcome further challenges that life might lay out in your way.

Though, there are many benefits that are associated with having an emotional support animal with you in your difficult times, keeping these animals with you at all places can involve certain challenges. For example, you might have difficulty in attaining residence as landlords and other residence providers often do not allow residence to people who want to keep their animals with them in the residence. These residential problems associated with owning an emotional support animal can be tackled by having an esa letter for housing that showcases that you need the emotional support animal with you in the residence for your mental wellbeing. These no-pet policies are also applied in other areas such as malls and departmental stores that charge a certain amount of fee to allow you to take your emotional support animal with you in the premises of such areas.

The ESA letter can help you in this department as well. By showing an ESA letter to these companies, your fee or the deposit they require will be greatly reduced, or completely waived depending on the company policy. This would allow you to go to these places without any additional worry.

Many airlines allow you to board their flights with your pet or emotional need animal. And this process could be made easier by attaining an emotional support animal letter that showcases your emotional support dependence on the animal that you are traveling with. This would demonstrate that you have a genuine mental health problem that is recognized by the licensed mental health provider or the licensed clinical social worker. And that the animal you are traveling with, is there to help you emotionally during your travel.

Air France

Air France lets you travel with your pet animal both nationally and internationally. However, they require that you place the animal within a suitable bag or container so that the animal can be easily handled. Crates carrying these animals are not allowed in the cabin area, however, they are allowed in the cargo area of the plane.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines allows you to travel with your animal to more than 70 international destinations. Moreover, if you are traveling nationally, birds are also welcome on the plane. Larger animals are to travel in the cargo area of the plane as it can be difficult to handle them in the cabin. They charge $75 and above depending on your final destination.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines also have pet-friendly policies and allow you to take your pet animals such as cats, dogs, and birds with you, given that you have the relevant documentation. Turkish Airlines charge 70 TRY and above for allowing these animals to travel with you.

OpenSkies or British Airways

OpenSkies allow you to travel with your animal in the cabin given that the animal weighs less than 6 kilograms. Otherwise, they allow the animal to travel in the cargo area. OpenSkies charge $195 and above to allow the animal to travel with you.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines allows your animal to travel with you in the cabin area. A wide variety of animals are allowed to travel in the cargo area such as birds, squirrels, and ferrets. Japan Airlines charge 70 pounds or less to allow your animal to travel with you.


Lufthansa airlines allow animals to travel with their handlers in the cabin given that the animals are under 17 pounds. They charge $58 and above for allowing animals on the plane.


Aeroflot allows cats, dogs, and birds to travel in the cabin area with their handlers. They also allow a wide variety of animals such as ferrets, foxes, and hedgehogs to travel in the cargo area given that you provide the relevant documents.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines allows a wide variety of animals to travel their domestic flights. However, only cats and dogs are allowed to travel with their handlers on international flights. They charge about $75 for these animals to travel.

Scandinavian Airlines

Scandinavian Airlines or SAS lets you travel with your pet animal for a fee of $75 and above. However, you have to make the flight reservation a day before your flight. Otherwise, they might not allow you to board the plane with your animal.

Swiss International Airlines

Swiss International Airlines allow one or two pet animals to travel with their handlers in the cabin area. They charge $60 and above for this. Apply now for an esa letter from

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