Reflection: A Blend by Mike G.

Reflection: A Blend by Mike G.


Reflection: A Blend by Mike G. is releasing on the 28th day of January to commemorate his late father, Michael L. Gillis Sr. day of birth. Since 1997 Mike G. (Michael L Gillis Jr.) has learned to navigate life and always made an effort to honor his father in all the work that he does. This release was created by Mike G. and winemaker, Blake Trobaugh, featuring local artist, Jenna Cook; 


A unique blend of barrel aged, vintage wine and freshly fermented wine made with grapes from Indiana blended with grapes from the West Coast to create a complex and balanced wine with notes of fresh blackberry, vanilla, and cherry cola. The velvety tannins make for a luscious mouthfeel and a warm finish that lingers. This wine was fermented using native yeast and was not filtered prior to bottling. Something new with something aged, something near with something far create the perfect wine for reflection.


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