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Wedding Wednesday

For wedding Wednesday this week, we are celebrating the versatility of our upper banquet facility space! Thanks to the vaulted ceilings, this 4,400 sq. ft. banquet room feels cozy and romantic. Our neutral yet elegant white washed brick wall pairs with any type of décor theme. From romantic and moody to elegant and glamorous, this room can be transformed to your vision easily.


The white washed brick wall is commonly used as a back drop for the head table, but we have also seen plenty of bands situated right in the center to keep all the guests dancing!

This picture (left) with suspended florals over the

head table was the perfect summer shindig for this bride and groom. We love the way the floral

décor turned out - have you ever seen anything so amazing?

(Florist: Old Forest Farm)

This one (right) was our very first wedding of 2017, and the perfect chance to try out our Hue lighting system (see the red lights) and a custom gobo against the brick wall. The bride & groom at this wedding had the best of both worlds by placing both the head table and the band against the brick wall.

(Florist: The Empty Vase).

Two completely different vibes in the exact same space! At Daniel's Vineyard, we want everything to be versatile. This space is our perfect example!


When we first began hosting weddings at our venue right after construction was complete, an antique chandelier lit the room. Now, our upper banquet space sparkles with the help of a crystal chandelier!

This chandelier is so glamorous and the only thing that can elevate it is the rigging that surrounds it. We installed this rigging so that brides and grooms can hang anything they want from the rigging! From greenery to pampas grass, anything draped from this rigging will be sure to wow any guest!

(Florist: Old Forest Farm)

We'll post more about our awesome features next week! Stay tuned!

Daniel's Vineyard Events Team

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