Vineyard Update: 07/31/2018

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Hello Daniel’s Vineyard enthusiasts,

The Daniel’s Vineyard team would like to provide you with an update of what is happening in the vineyard, the state of our grapes, as well as the upcoming plans for the winery!

Many of the varieties are currently going through veraison! This is when the grapes begin changing color from green to red and naturally start to sweeten. Veraison usually takes five to seven day to complete. Once the grapes have completed veraison, they will begin to ripen and be ready to harvest in approximately six weeks.

This past week the vineyard team has been working tirelessly to spread netting over (how many varieties). Because the grapes are naturally sweetening, birds become increasingly interested in the fruit. Spreading netting is crucial to ensure that the grapes aren’t enjoyed by the birds before it’s time to harvest!

Speaking of harvest, we are just about ready to begin bottling wine from last year’s harvest. We are polishing our bottling line in preparation to complete another successful year of production. Once we have bottled, we’ll be ready to start the production process all over again!

Be on the lookout for more updates as we get closer to harvest!


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