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Frequently Asked Questions about our Igloos:

~What does '1 Participant' mean?: The '1 Participant means that you are the one person who rented that igloo. The igloos can hold up the 6 adults.

~How to Rent: Only way to rent our igloos is online, see below to rent. Payment must be completed online only.


  • Wednesday & Thursday: $60 for 2 Hours

  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday: $100 for 2 Hours

~Refund/Cancelation Policy:

  • Cancellations: Cancellations must be made 24 hours before your reservation time. You may receive 50% of your rental on an eGift Card OR switch your reservation day and time. If you have any questions, please reach out to us by phone or email: (317) 248-5222,

  • Weather Conditions: Refunds will not be given unless Daniel's Vineyard deems the weather conditions are too unfavorable. Daniel's Vineyard will contact reservation holders in case of inclement weather. No other refunds will be given.

~Checking In: To check-in for your igloo, you MUST go to the Tasting Bar inside. Present your Name and Reservation Time, and an Associate will check you in, and escort you to your igloo.

~Guest Limit: Our igloos can seat up to 6 adults, no exceptions. This is for your safety and comfort. 

~Food: No Outside Food or Beverage permitted on site. Food will be available to purchase, check out our menu here.

~Heating: Igloos are heated, but please dress accordingly. Taking heaters from other igloos is strictly prohibited.

~Service: Igloos come with a server. You will order your drinks through your server, and you will order food through the QR code provided in your igloo. Food and Drink will be brought out to you by your server, and they are there for any additional needs.

~Payment: Payment is paid FULLY online, no in-store or over the phone reservations. Gift Cards CANNOT be used to reserve an igloo, you may use them towards your bill!

~Children: We are a family friendly facility, all ages are welcome inside the building and in our igloos!

~Pets: Pets are not allowed inside the building or inside our igloos.

~Smoking: We are a NO SMOKING property, absolutely no smoking on the property.

~Live Music: Live Music will be held indoors on select dates. You are more than welcome to bring a speaker as long as the volume stays at a reasonable decibel.

~Restrooms: Restrooms are inside!

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