Off-dry, medium bodied wine with notes of Meyer lemon, baked Yellow Delicious apple, and ripe pineapple: subtle notes of sweet cream and apple blossom with a quick finish.


Wines with higher acid and higher tannins, like our Marquette wine, pair well with full-flavored fatty foods. 

Harvest Strudel with Vanillesosse 

Why it Works

Sweet citrus and pineapple notes are accented by the rum soaked raisins, while baked apple notes enhanced by the Golden Delicious apples in the strudel. Vanillesosse’s richness and texture is balanced by wine’s off-dry style, while the sauce’s aroma helps to lift the cream notes of the wine. In addition to the style of the wine, the Winzer White has an inherent acidity (to balance the sweetness) that toys with the texture of the crispy phyllo dough and makes for a more dynamic pairing.


8 o. ( ½ box) frozen phyllo dough, thawed

2 lbs Golden Delicious, cored, peeled, sliced to ¼ inch-thickness

2/3 c. fine, plain, breadcrumbs

1/2 c. sugar

Butter: 4 T unsalted, for breadcrumbs;

¼ c. chopped almonds

              2 T unsalted, melted, for brushing

1/3 c. golden raisins

1 t ground cinnamon

3 T spiced rum, for soaking raisins

¼ t ground nutmeg

1 T lemon juice


1 large, very clean, kitchen towel

For Vanillesosse


1 ¾ c. milk

3 T sugar

1 vanilla pod

2 eggs, beaten

1 c. cream

1 t, heaping, cornstarch



Preheat oven to 375F; Soak raisins in rum for 10 min, until soft; add lemon juice to sliced apples

Add 4 T butter to pan, and melt; add breadcrumbs and toast until golden and fragrant; remove from heat and cool

Mix cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg, and almonds together and add to breadcrumbs

Strain raisins from rum and add to breadcrumb mix

Roll out phyllo on lightly floured surface, roll out to ¼ inch-thickness, 13-15 inches in diameter

Gently move dough to lightly floured kitchen table and begin to smooth wrinkles, and stretch dough to make a rectangle, roughly 18 inches by 30 inches. Dough should be paper thin, translucent; remove thick edges with a knife

Brush half of the dough with melted butter; spread breadcrumb mixture out evenly, parallel to short edge of dough, pat gently into dough; top breadcrumb mixture with apples; filling should be at least 1 inch from each edge

Fold in ends of dough over filling, then using towel slowly and carefully roll strudel into log shape, tucking in edges as you continue to roll.

Place strudel onto greased baking sheet, brush with remaining butter; bake for 30 min


Combine milk, sugar and vanilla pod, boil until sugar is dissolved; remove from heat